Monday, September 14, 2009

Prayers to Heal Oneself

Spiritual Healing

Heavenly Father,
Thank You for loving me
And for calling me to come closer to You.
Thank You for never giving up on me
Even if I have often strayed away from You.
Thank You for the many times
You have been faithful
To Your promises
Despite all my unfaithfulness, sins,
Failures and weaknesses.
Thank You for Your concern
For my spiritual life and for planting in me
This desire to draw closer to You.
Thank You for Your healing mercy
And forgiveness for the many ways
I have offended You in my thoughts, words and actions.
I come before You now with a humble heart
Asking, seeking, knocking
And hoping to experience
Your loving healing presence.
I come seeking healing for those times
Of my prayerlessness
Due to laziness or giving more priority
To my other interests and activities.
Heal me for the times I have depended
On my own efforts or from others
And disregarded You.
For the times I was blinded
By my self-centeredness
And many worldly concerns
And easily gave in to temptations.
Search me, O God, and help me see
The areas in my life that need
Your healing love and mercy.
Create in me a clean heart.
Give me the grace to put You
As first priority in my life
At all times and to turn away from sin
Or occasions and influences
That lead to sin.
Teach me to pray
And give me the desire to pray
As often as I can.
Lift me up when my prayer seems dry \and empty,
When I feel as though my prayers
Are not being heard.
Strengthen me with patience
And perseverance
When trials and obstacles
Make me feel like giving up.
Guide me in the right path
That leads only to You.
Dearest Lord,
Draw me near to You always.
Let my spirit be filled with Your power
And healing presence.
I pray these in Jesus’ name
Through Mary and all the angels
And saints.

Healing of Addictions

Lord Jesus,
I come before You,
Calling on You in a very special way.
I come before You trusting in Your power
And great love for me.
I come with expectant faith and hope
That You will not forsake me
In my prayer for healing as I am
in bondage, enslaved by an addiction
to (name the addiction)
and I am in dire need of Your help.
Please enter now into my heart and soul.
Touch all the areas in my life
That need Your healing love,
Especially the root causes of my addiction.
Heal all unresolved traumatic experiences
From my past,
Fill with Your divine love all deprivations
And needs that were not met during
My significant developmental stages.
Release me from all inherited destructive
Patterns in my family tree and bloodlines,
And from my present environment
That could be influencing or encouraging
This addictive behaviour.
Cut off all links to all the sources
And causes of my addiction.
Lead me by the hand to all the right people
Who can help me in this healing process
And deliver me from this addiction.
Let Your Holy Spirit dwell within
To strengthen and empower me
To overcome this addiction completely,
Totally and permanently.
In the name of the Most Blessed Trinity,
Father, Son and the Holy Spirit,
With the intercession of Mary
And all the angels and saints,
I claim Your victory in delivering me
From this addiction and surrender to You
My whole life.
In Jesus’ name I pray, with Mary
And the angels and saints. Amen.

Inner Healing

Lord, I come before You for inner healing.
Touch me now where I am hurting most.
You know better that anyone else
What is best for me.
Let the grace of Your Divine Love
Flow to the inner recesses of my being,
To my past, present and future.
Heal all the unresolved pain, anguish,
Bitterness, resentments,
Feelings of rejection, despair
And frustration from the past.
Heal all painful memories
In my subconscious,
Including all repercussions
Of traumatic experiences.
Give me a forgiving heart
To help forgive all the people
Who have hurt me in the past
And seek forgiveness from those
Whom I have hurt.
Grant me the grace to accept
All my sufferings as a share
In Your own sufferings
And offer this for the conversion
Of sinners and the salvation
Of souls, especially those
Of my family and loved ones.
Give me a repentant and contrite heart
To acknowledge the many ways
I have sinned and displeased You
In the past and present
And bring me Your Divine Mercy.
Fill my emptiness with Your love,
Peace and joy.
Grant me the grace of expectant faith
To truly believe that I will be healed.
Bring me hope in Your forgiveness
And loving mercy.
And after I have been healed,
May I serve You for the rest of my life
And be a powerful witness
Of Your healing power and love.
All these I pray in Jesus’ name
Through Mary, the angels and saints.

Emotional Healing

Loving Father,
I come before You with faith
In Your promise
that whatever I ask for in Your name
You will grant to me if it is for the good
Of my souls and in accordance
With Your Divine Will.
I come trusting in Your great love for me
And believing that only You
Know what is best for me.
I come to You now to ask
That You enter my heart
And heal all my wounded emotions.
You know me better than I know myself.
Bring Your healing love
Into every corner of my heart
And release all the buried
Negative emotions inside
That have not been resolved
And continue to cause
Me pain and anguish.
Remove all my unhealed hurts
And painful memories
That block the flow of Your graces,
Robbing me of Your peace, love and joy.
Heal all feelings of sadness, loneliness,
Fear and anxiety.
Heal all guilt, despair,
Feelings of betrayal and rejection.
Heal all feelings of anger, hatred,
Resentment and bitterness.
Bring Your healing love to all my emotions
That have caused me feelings
Of hopelessness, discouragement,
Helplessness and despair.
Grant me the grace to forgive all those
Who have cause these negative
Emotions and likewise to be forgiven
By those to whom I have done
The same harm.
O Lord, give me a repentant heart,
Forgive me for my sins
And failures, and be merciful to me.
Help me to realize the blessings
That resulted from each painful experience
And how this had led me closer to You.
As You release from me
All these painful emotions
Fill all the empty spaces
With Your love, Your peace, Your joy
And the powerful presence
Of Your Holy Spirit.
After I have been healed,
May my life be a witness
To Your power and glory
And may I reach out to others, too.
All these i pray in Jesus’ name
Through Mary and all the angels
And saints.

Financial Healing

Loving Father,
You are our Creator, our Refuge,
Our Strength and our Great Provider.
You made us all that we are, and
You are the source of all that we
I come before You
Trusting in Your goodness
And great love for me.
In response to Your call,
“Come to Me all of You who are weary
And I will give you rest,” (Mt. 11:28)
I come with expectant faith
Believing that You are a God
Who answers all prayers in a way
That is best for each one of us,
Especially what is good for our soul
And in accordance with Your will.
Lord, I have deep financial problems,
And I have no one to run to except You.
Forgive me for all my past failures and actions
That may have led me to this crisis
And help me learn from them.
Inspire me with ways and means
To help ease my financial burdens.
Guide me in the proper management
Of my finances.
Deliver me from the tendency
To want too many things,
Especially those that are unnecessary.
Deliver me from envy
When I see blessing of people
Around me.
Send me to generous hearts that can help
Alleviate my financial troubles
And help me to be trustworthy,
Responsible and dependable
In all my dealings with them.
Thank You for always being there
To bring me love and hope
In times of despair and frustration, courage
In times of fear and doubt, and peace
In times of anxiety.
With confidence in Your love and mercy,
Give me the patience
To humbly wait for Your answers
To my prayer for financial healing.
These I pray in Jesus’ name
Through Mary with all the angels
And saints.